Development history:
From study to succesful sportscar

The huge interest from the public in the Experimental GT at the IAA in Frankfurt gave the final impact, the decision was made in 1966: the Opel GT was going into production. It was, however, still a long way to the start of the production in 1968, which gave the designers new assignments. In addition to an attractive appearance, the Opel GT should be shining because of its good aerodynamics. To start with, the GT-designers around Erharb Schnell used a windchannel as a helping design-tool. During weeks of detailed work in the windchannel in the university of Stuttgart, the Opel GT got its final shape. The engineers grouped advanced technical instrumentes around the interior that was designed for two persons. The team could rely on saved parts on the Opel shelf. The frame and progressively springed rear axle and stabilisation bar originated from the Kadett-B-series as well as the double armed front axle with leaf spring.