Experimental GT
An idea astonished the IAAA-visitors

The first contours of the Opel GT revealed themselves in discussions inside the Opel-Design-Group in Rüsselsheim already in spring 1962. A market investigation started this initially. The time was there for a sportscar which could provide a sporty look, modern technic and good driving prestations for an affordable price. At this time, Opel just entered the motorsport area with the Kadett. Private drivers were succesful in international tournaments. The responsible ones in Rüsselsheim wanted to use this change in image. And so appeared in 1965 on the IAA a silver vehicle study on the Opel stand and astonished the public. Opel called this prototype "Experimental GT", which with its rounded lines and small taille formally followed up American trendsetters like Chevrolet Monza GT or Corvette.