The Opel GT:
Two versions for the launch

Late summer 1968 it finally happend. Opel started its sale with two version of the GT. The GT 1100 produced 60 PS and costed DM 10,767, for the GT 1900 with 90 PS one had to grab DM 1,100 deeper in his pocket. However, the powerful GT advanced in contrast to its smaller brother to hot selling item. With 90 PS, the GT 1900 resembled a sportscar which not only persuaded with its attractive appearance.

The acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 11,5 seconds was during that time as good an argument as the maximum speed of 185 km/h. In addition to that the Top-GT used around one liter less on a hundred kilometers during driving than its hous-internal rivals. In total, Opel sold 103,463 GT-models till its production stop in 1973. Also in foreign countries there was a demand for the sporty Rüsselsheimer, especially in America. In total, 70,222 buyers there discovered their love to the "made in Germany" sportscar.

Finally, the responsible people had also for the GT, typical for Opel products then as well as today, an affordable price in mind. The new GT had to sell for around DM 10,000 No partial solutions, however, were accepted. There were for example discussions on where to place the engine in the front. Only after many testdrives on the Nürburg- ring-Nordschleife and on the Opel testground in Dudenhofen, the decision was finally taken: the engine was placed 30 centimeters backwards. The clearly better handling characteristics pointed that out.