2.0L Configuration Cylinder Head



This head features new valves with oversize stems, Stainless steel exhaust valves, freshly machined valve guides for perfect valve stem clearance. New valve springs, and keepers. The 2.0L head use special dual valve springs with light weight retainers. This allows you to use high lift camshafts with out the fear of spring bind. New finished camshaft bearings. New hard exhaust valve seat inserts with blended bowl area and 5 angle valve grind to inprove flow and allow you to use unleaded fuel with out expensive additives. Surfaces are lightly machine to make them flat and true. All press-in camshaft oiling plugs are replaced with threaded plugs and locktited in place. All studs are removed, all oil passages are thoroughly cleaned and studs are reinstalled. Over all, this head is beautifully built and will provide years of life to your Opel.