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Evaluate condition. Recharge or replace, preferably with model with carrying strap. Clean terminals and install protective caps. Replace cables if corroded. Clean or replace mounting tray. Secure properly.
Part numbers 5019, 5025, 5026.
Cooling system and heater
Inspect coolant. Flush and replace with 50% coolant solution if needed. Clean heater valve. Install 180 degree thermostat in cold climates. To fix heater, refer to service manuals.
Part numbers 6013, 11005.
Reset choke setting for richer fuel mixture. Evaluate choke coil operation. Replace if needed. Install thick carburetor gasket if not done yet.
Part numbers 9004, 9018, 9026.
Oxygenated gasoline
Increase performance from "winter fuel" blend with gasoline octane additives (where applicable). Opel owners report 15% loss in mpg's, so keep car in tune with correct ignition point gap setting!
Front suspension
Inspect rubber boots at ball joints, tie rods and rack and pinion. Replace where cracked. Where possible, apply teflon grease to bushing faces and control arm bolts. Place a layer of bearing grease in upper shock towers, located beneath round plastic caps in engine area.
Part numbers 3012, 3013, 3014, 3017, 3021, 3061, 3066, 3067.
Charging system
Evaluate alternator, bushings and regulator. Inspect wires, harness and clips to alternator. Inspect or replace fan belt. Carry a spare belt. Clean fuses and terminals on fusebox if corroded. If accessories (stereo, alarm, halogen lights, etc.) added to system, install 65-amp generator.
Part numbers 5021, 5029, 5050, 6047, 6049, 11013.
Use thicker-grade or multi-viscosity oil. Replace oil filter when changing grades.
Part number 6039.
Master cylinder cap
Evaluate metal on cap. Replace if rusted.
Note: If moisture intake neutralizes brake fluid, flush system with butyl alcohol.
Part number 4045.
Clutch cable "E" clip
Reinforce clip at firewall to avoid sudden failure. Install extra clip and/or heater hose clamp at clip.
Part number 8024.
Inspect treads. Replace worn-out tires for safety. Always wheel-balance front tires when installing! Inflate spare tire and carry jack and lug wrench. Carry tight-fitting snow chains where needed.
Spray WD-40 inside of distributor cap and along spark plug wires to resist moisture.
Brake hoses
Inspect or replace. Prevent sticking calipers. Note that hoses shrink from within to collapse.
Part number 4021.
Clutch arm boot
Inspect rubber boot. Replace if cracked. Keep water and rust out of clutch.
Part number 8021.

Hood hinge
Lubricate at each end fitting. Consider installing a "zerk" grease fitting in center of hinge rod for a more durable lubrication. Replace if stuck in one position.
Wiper arms
Tighten 13mm nuts 1/2 turn and check for play at mounts. Replace loose-fitting wiper arms. Use 16" standard wiper blades and apply "Rain-X" waterproofing solution.
Halogen headlights
Install bright halogen bulb kits for clear road lightning during long winter nights. Rewire headlights if not done yet (see Opel GT Source tech tip).
Part number 5016.
Oxygenated gasoline
Increase performance from "winter fuel" blend with gasoline octane additives (where applicable). Opel owners report 15% loss in mpg's, so keep car in tune with correct ignition point gap setting!
Vent ducts
Remove grille and clean out debris to prevent rust and leaks. Frequent leakage on 1969-1970 GT's.
Lubricate door lock cylinders with WD-40. Lubricate door hinge "zerk" grease fittings. Lubricate door lock striker plate on body.
Pop-out quarter window hinge
Original equipment on 1971-1973 GT's. Lubricate hinge with common household oil. Replace if hinge does not lock closed.
Foam removal
If foam is used as a sound-deadening material, consider that exposure to moisture contributes to mildew or rust.
Windshield rubber channel
Inspect rubber and replace if leaking.
Note: cut off old rubber to remove, other methods tend to crack windshield glass. Use only non-hardening, non-silicone sealer.
Part numbers 2001, 2011; two styles available.
Door-to-body wheaterstripping
Inspect rubber strip at upper "corner" edge. Replace if rubber is dried out or if a "gap" is between upper "corner" edge and body. High roof line often leaks at that junction.
Part numbers 2038, 2039.
Lens gaskets
Inspect gaskets, particularly between body and lens housings. Replace where dry and cracked. Insulate lenses and prevent fading and body rust.
Part numbers 5009, 5010, 5041, 5042, 5043, 5044.
Gas cap
Inspect rubber "O" gasket and replace if cap doesn't still snug. Lubricate keyhole. Helps prevent rust or loss of pricey gas cap and helps keep rust out of hard to replace gas tank.
Floor plugs
1-3/4" round rubber plugs located in floor pans are easily removed for drainage of water inside the car. Replace when rubber is dried out. Seals out road moisture and prevent rust of inner rocker panels.
Part number 2030.
Shift boot
Inspect rubber. Replace when cracked between "ridges". Insulates interior from road moisture, noise and exhaust fumes. Manual transmissions only.
Part number 8020.
Headlight cable
Spray exposed sections of cable with WD-40 or lithium lubricant. Move lever to lubricate inner cable. Replace cable if stuck or rusted.
Part number 2033.
Gas line rubber boot
Inspect rubber, replace if cracked. Boots seals vulnerable metal fuel tank fitting.
Part number 9007.
Consider a third brake light
Increase your Opel's visibility by adding an extra brake light in the rear window area.
Wheel wells
Remove dirt and sand buildup. Spray undercoating throughout wheel-well areas, particularly in rear of well areas.
Body drain channels
Locate and clean out body drain channels. Refer to tech tip, courtesy O.A.N.A. newsletter of november 1994. Prevent inner body rust.
Paint nicks and chips
If needed, sand rust and treat chemically. Use clear-coat or touch-up paint to seal.