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STORE OPEL GT Exhaust GT Exhaust System including 10023ss
Car type: OPEL GT
Category: Exhaust
GT Exhaust System including 10023ss
Part: 10100

$749.00   $823.20
Complete Opel GT Exhaust System that includes the shorty stainless steel header. Creates a true "Tri-Y" exhaust while reducing intake manifold heat for more fuel stability when using gasoline that has added Ethanol. Excellent sound an performance from the original design system with an actual resonator with sound chamber. Parts included are Shorty header 10023ss which includes (10009, 10011 and 10012a.) 10004, 10005, 10006, 10007OE, 2x 10008, 2x 10010, 3x 10022, 1x10018 and 10021OE